How we built a turquoise company: Alexey Denisov's experience - OLS
We, the OLS company, are a turquoise organization. How do we understand this? As well as all really working “turquoise” organizations - having read Frederic Lalu’s book “Discovering the Organizations…

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“Gold is for fools,” or Why business is not a sport, and the winner does not get everything
Within the framework of these columns, we talked a lot about how the companies are structured and their weaknesses. They talked a lot and in detail about how to diagnose…

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Three main business trends of 2018: automation, innovation, quality

To develop your business, both here and abroad, you should offer customers a competitive product, which, in turn, cannot be produced without well-established processes for which process management is responsible.

In order to become successful in real conditions, a business must pay attention to three things that relate to business processes:
The quality of the product / service in order to be prepared to enter new markets (export);
Innovation of production processes and services provided;
Automation of business processes (maximum digital transformation of all its processes and products).
Processes for entering new markets (product export)

The competitive markets of developed countries are filled with products and services, so there is high competition and even higher quality requirements. That is why you should pay attention when entering foreign markets, on international certification.

International standards, such as ISO, are not taken from the air, hundreds of experts and market researchers are working on their versions. The fact that in the new version of the ISO 9001 standard in 2015 the process approach was left as a requirement indicates to us that this is really important for enterprises. In order for your product to be sold in new competitive markets (including for export), it must be of high quality. And to ensure the quality of mass production is impossible without a clear description of the processes and the presence of a control system. Certification provides you with evidence that you can consistently produce a quality product, but work to improve quality must be ongoing.

Processes for Innovation

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Today it’s not enough just to fine-tune your business processes. It is necessary to add innovation to all of them – this is now the key to success and competitiveness.

Innovation is everywhere. It can be implemented for any field. For some reason, we are used to thinking of innovation as a flight into space, that it must be something immensely grandiose … But no, it’s not like that at all. Remember the cafe where each visitor could leave free coffee to the next client and each subsequent client was pleasantly surprised by such a unique work of the institution? But this is such a novelty (innovation), which fundamentally changes the entire service process and causes emotions.

In fact, there are a lot of innovative ideas. But you should also understand that each idea is a well-tuned process that leads to the production of a product or the provision of a service. Recently, one training discussed the process of brewing coffee. So you ask: what else can you add innovative? You can, for example, put a TV at the counter, on which to broadcast how your drink is being prepared in real time. Agree that it would be very interesting and pleasant for you to observe this.

Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment and introduce innovative processes, but remember that for this you need to set up all production processes very well and meaningfully.

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