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The wolf from Wall Street spreads the infection, or Why you should not trust “patented professionals”

If you, like me, watched a series about Dr. House, you should remember how passionately he diagnosed lupus with everyone: a disease in which the immune system takes its own organism for a foreign one and begins to fight it.

I always had a lot of fun when, once again it turned out that this was not lupus, but a commonplace cold. And also because where House has an anomaly and rarity, in business – one part of the body, due to some mistakes, kills the other – this is routine and routine.

Let’s from the very beginning: tell us in the comments your stories about how in your practice one department or even one person in the company thought that only he is more important than everyone and everything should be as he says. And who does not agree – those under the knife.

I will not repeat myself, we have all the columns about this, but business is primarily people. Living people who have their own desires, passions, problems, fears, various psychological traumas and ideas about success. People who make irrational decisions and adhere to disastrous strategies simply because they have such a picture inside that this decision and these strategies seem to them to be correct and rational.

People are not cars. This is their value and this is the main problem.
The company as such has no other tasks than making money, accumulating profits. But the people who make up this company have reasons why they go to work and do it, most often they are not tied to money alone.

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Sociological studies show that there is a certain saturation limit, after which money ceases to be the main motivator. Naturally, we are not talking about ordinary employees, but about top management. And when this boundary is reached, when a person satisfies his basic security needs – what is he starting to think about? That’s right – about self-realization.

In most cases, as the same studies show, self-realization for a person and a job well done are one and the same. We are social beings, for us praise from people like us is very important. Pride, as geneticists say, is one of those evolutionary tools that helped us survive as a species and become dominant on the planet.

To be proud of a job well done is a genetic need. This means that it’s good to do the work – a property of a person, due to our genes. But. It is important to understand that if there is something in our genes, this does not mean that the mechanism works the same for everyone. And if for one it’s good enough to do your job and get the approval of colleagues, for the other – the reason for pride may lie in another.

What is it?

As a business therapist, I often encounter one problem: misunderstood tips that have been read in business books or from various life coaching trainings.

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For example: at various trainings, like a mantra, they repeat the story about “go to your goal.”

The story itself is not bad. Healthy egoism is a property of a strong professional. To be successful, to go to the goal, to achieve and solve the assigned tasks is good. But it is implicitly assumed that you are successful and achieving the goal not by itself, but within the company: if your company is successful, then you, as part of the company, will receive a bit of symbolic capital, dividends from what market your company occupies in the market.

You do the work, the company makes money, you are part of a productive business and contribute to this success. But, unfortunately, the fact that this is not stated directly, but as if implied, sounds different for different people. And naturally, “successful” professionals appear who are more concerned not about the company developing, but about the success here and now: that is, simply getting the attributes of what they consider to be success, even if everything around them burns in a blue flame.

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