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From hopelessness to “vomiting”, or How to assess the level of service impeccability

The sphere of hospitality and leisure, an elite restaurant business and traditional catering is a market that, apparently, has always been, is and will be. At the same time, some enterprises are super successful, while others barely make ends meet – and as a result are sold for nothing.

There are a million factors that affect the success of this type of business, such as: the right place and good location, the presence of your own parking and transport hubs, the level of concentration of the population, the quality and variety of the menu, as well as the interior design.

It’s well known that in order to visit a worthy place, guests are often ready to go very far to enjoy their visit to a cafe or restaurant, a hookah bar and even just a barbecue.

What distinguishes such places from numerous eateries where people spend time not just to stay hungry, wait for rain or wait for their bus or taxi, often from hopelessness, and then give themselves the vow not to leave more than a ruble in this or a similar institution.

In addition to an interesting menu, surroundings and interior, an unusual serving of dishes and a convenient place, it is necessary to highlight a factor, the absence of which cannot be compensated by anything if it is important for you to see your guests again. And this factor is service and the level of its impeccability. What does this phrase mean? Flawlessly means “without reproach.” This means that our host staff must show their worth so that the guests feel not just visitors, temporary visitors, but dear guests, whose presence is welcome again and again. And all this so that they would like to return again and again.

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Let’s discuss a small checklist of the quality of staff:

Factor 1. Evaluate the speed of response to gestures of guests requiring attention. Sometimes you need to bring a menu, if you still haven’t done it, sometimes you need to remove something from the table or, conversely, bring it, and also consult. Not to mention counting guests. In all these cases, it is necessary to act with lightning speed.

If the waiting time for the response of the waiter or manager is more than one or two minutes, then we are dealing with a problem that often puts the institution at the end of the list of priorities for choosing a client.

The strategic decision of the well-known Coffeemania network is the calculation of guests within a minute after a request sent to the waiter to do this. This became a huge competitive advantage of the institution – it became a lightning calculation of guests. A guest who is confident that he will be calculated on demand is a guest who knows that not a minute of his precious time will be wasted. How do you like this approach to ensuring perfect service and competitiveness of your establishments?

Factor 2. The quality of recommendations and advice on the menu. The waiter and manager should know the possibilities of the institution here and now as “Our Father” and at the same time not be boring, but with patience and care to help guests with their choice of dishes and drinks, as caring owners (even if it comes to just a couple of tables). Remember what the position of a person counting customers is called in Auchan? That’s right – the “cashier”!

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Factor 3. The guest should know about all the deviations in the preparation and serving of the dishes before it takes his time to wait or the opportunity to choose an alternative to what, for some reason, cannot be cooked and served. The same applies to the location of guests, reserve tables, the possibility of opening or closing windows, filing blankets or the need to return them to the staff in the right time. The worst thing that you can think of is to put the client before the fact: “We didn’t have what you asked for, so we prepared another; if you don’t like it, then we can’t change anything anyway. ”

Factor 4. Adequacy of interaction with guests is important. Slavishness, as well as familiarity, are harmful. In both cases, we are depriving our guests of the main thing – psychological comfort. Neither the kitchen nor the surroundings of the establishment compensates its absence for guests. If the guest was psychologically uncomfortable, then he will either not return anymore, at best. And at worst, it will make us notorious! But this is already fraught with reputation risks and, of course, the loss of potential customers and the exclusion of your institution from the list of visit priorities for your guests.

In addition, customers dissatisfied with our attitude tend to devalue what we do well, for example, our kitchen. It is beneficial for a client who decided not to return to you to think that not only communication with us is distorted, but everything else is also “so-so”. Remember, the law of human psychology says: “Good weather can ruin the mood of someone who predicted bad, and vice versa …”

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