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20 technology and brand promotion trends in 2019

Marketing is a dynamic, changeable and unstable industry in which it is not enough to grab onto one thing and constantly adhere to it – there will always be something new and more dynamic, which to grab is often much more difficult. It seems to many that keeping up with all the innovations is unrealistic – you’ll still lag behind, but the balance between the innovations and the ones you have already introduced still exists and can be constantly observed.

How to keep up with business, marketing, trends and stay in the “golden mean”? This can be done if you keep abreast of all current trends and are able to choose a strategy that will help you to successfully “fit in” with all the innovations related to artificial intelligence (hereinafter – “AI”). And knowledge of modern trends and promotion technologies will help you in this, which will help you to conduct your business as efficiently as possible and lead in any public “party of interests”. In this material I have collected for you the TOP-20 modern trends and promotion technologies that you need to take note of for successful activities in the field of digital marketing.

Trend No. 1. “AI” opens a new era

Undoubtedly, today is a new technological stage in the development of the economy, which is associated with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence penetrates into all areas of our lives. This is especially noticeable in the manufacturing sector, where the introduction of innovation is constantly reducing the number of living labor, thereby causing unemployment. New professions will appear that will control robots, repair them, and give tasks not to people, but to robots. Already today, robots are able to create new products, pack them and deliver them to consumers or to stores.

The new economic model will be based on AI and high-tech corporations. Already, at such IT giants as Google and Facebook, all products are created and purchased by their users, that is, their monetization is carried out at the expense of the consumer. If you search for something with Google and click on ads, you don’t get a single penny, but the corporate profit increases with every click of your ads. It turns out that Google’s profit is growing with the help of the whole society, but the profit itself is privatized directly by Google.

Trend No. 2. Big Data Technologies and Marketing Automation

In just one minute, it is processed, sent and downloaded from above in Internet networks:
150 million emails;
45,000,000 messages;
3,000,000 “likes” on Facebook alone and about the same number of posts;
2,700,000 video views on YouTube;
2,300,000 searches in Google alone;
450,000 photos;
430,000 Twitter messages;
95,000 Android applications
70,000 videos
60,000 photos on Instagram alone;
48,000 Apple applications.
These numbers impress not only the average Internet user, but also an experienced marketer. They will grow steadily from year to year, so neither PR specialist, nor a marketer can do without using Big Data technologies and automating marketing processes. Only they will allow you to find out the maximum information about current customers and correctly build further marketing strategies.

Trend No. 3. Commerce in social networks

The regularly increasing number of purchases through social networks is fundamentally changing the principles of online consumption. Residents from Asian countries have long preferred shopping on social networks, but for Western countries there is a tendency to make purchases through online retailers. If earlier the Buy button on the social media platform did not mean selling, now the customer’s thinking has changed dramatically, and he is starting to interact more closely with social networks that suit him.

The main impetus for increasing sales through social networks was the availability of smartphones for most active users who successfully replace their computers and prefer to make online purchases using convenient smartphone apps.

The main advantage of accounts on social networks is the ability to have fun and make safe purchases at the same time on one of their pages, and on the pages of friends in thematic groups you can get reviews of the necessary products or services.

The combination of public and commercial activities on the platforms will be the key to increasing sales, because it is very convenient to successfully replace the outdated and tired of all users online advertising.

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