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5 rules on how to help the customer during construction in order to receive contracts in the future

It is no secret that many of the directors of small construction companies that conclude a contract for construction and installation works (performers of all kinds or only some narrow-profile ones) are trying not only in words but in practice to convince the customer that the customer and in the future (after the expiration of the contract) it is necessary to continue cooperation with this contractor.Many top managers of construction (and not only construction) companies are aware of the term “customer satisfaction”, which means that in the process of implementing a project by a contracting construction organization, there are no crisis situations or problematic issues in communication with the customer or conflicts. All issues (from design to commissioning) are resolved in a timely manner and without any additional annoying factors. These factors can accumulate at the end of the project into a certain critical mass, which will spoil relations with the customer’s representatives and will not allow in the future to obtain new contracts for construction and installation works.

So what needs to be done to ensure that the customer is satisfied and the contracts for the construction and installation work are signed?

Now we will announce several elementary rules that must be adhered to in order to fulfill all the above conditions. Many managers of projects, enterprises, organizations of the “old school”, having read these rules, will probably exclaim: “Oh, God … What are you inventing a bicycle here and writing elementary work that we went through at institutes! We were hammered into this in the first days of construction work! ”But, there are several reasons why this material appeared.

Firstly, in response to the questions of the “old guard”, I would always like to ask: “And, dear colleagues, how often do you use these rules 100 percent? And, if you know why you don’t use it all the time? ”Secondly, due to numerous cataclysms in the country’s economy (either crises, then changes in the“ course of the party, ”then what kind of misfortune) the connection between generations has been really broken. In most construction companies and projects, the institution of mentoring has been partially lost, when senior experienced colleagues have taught the basics of project management not only on the basis of PMBoK, GOSTs or SNITPs, but also share the life experience that they have gained by implementing a particular project. Thirdly, in most higher education institutions they simply do not teach the basics of project management and the basics of communication with the customer. Fourth, the part of the population (investors, founders) that decided to try themselves in the construction business (and invest money there) simply does not know about these elementary rules (especially if they act as customers in other areas of activity). In our opinion, these are the reasons that prompted me to write this material.

So what are these rules?
Participation and assistance in the development and adjustment of TK (technical specifications) for design.
Assistance in obtaining initial permits.
Effective participation in the design and participation in decision-making on the application of technologies and equipment.
Help in eliminating the wrong decisions and design errors when conducting construction and installation work.
All possible assistance in commissioning the facility to state bodies.
Now let’s try to understand them and briefly talk about each.

1. Participation and assistance in the development and adjustment of TK (technical specifications) for design.

What is needed for this and how to provide all possible assistance? At the very beginning of the project, when there is a development of technical specifications (technical specifications) for design (and there is an opportunity to participate in this process), it is possible to work out the issues with the customer as thoroughly as possible to clarify and understand all his wishes and requirements.

Simply, try to understand what the customer wants to build. After that, already offer or any materials, equipment, other solutions. Just everything that will meet the needs of the customer, and will help to realize as much as possible all the “Wishlist” of the customer.

2. Assistance in obtaining initial permits.

All contractors working in the construction industry, sooner or later, “acquire” certain connections and best practices. Various specialists appear in some government agency or at energy suppliers who issue, say, technical specifications for connecting to their networks. And you need to understand that the customer, for the preparation of any permits, obtaining technical specifications for connecting to communications (water, electricity, heat, gas) may need the help of specialists.

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