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What is a system in business?

The system in business provides order, correct and quick execution of work. It is no secret that business is, first and foremost, people. So, to build a system, you need to manage people who perform tasks, and make sure that they do the work sequentially and give a stable result. But man is not a machine. How can one systematize its activities?

Systematicity appears when all the basic functions, tasks and communications are described and understood, when employees understand them. When there are described working rules, and employees adhere to them, we get a system business. Each business process has its own functions, as with a coffee machine. There is a pump that supplies water to the car. Further, in the machine itself, the water is heated to the desired temperature with the help of a heating element (tubular electric heater). Hot water under high pressure flows through the capsule with ground coffee. And then the ready-made fragrant drink flows into the cup.

If at one of the stages a failure occurs, the coffee will not be prepared. A similar situation in any business.

Below is an example of several steps in the overall business systematization process.

1. Define the functionality

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As in the example with a coffee machine, you need to understand the functions that must be performed to achieve the result. To get started, write out on a piece of paper all the functions that are performed in your business right now, starting with hiring employees and sales, ending with receiving customer feedback.

Then rewrite in the correct sequence what is done from the very beginning (for example, to take the technical specifications from the client) and what is done at each next step of interacting with the client and working on the project up to the final result.

In the process of organizing functions, you will recall many stages of work that you forgot about at the beginning.

2. Identify the product

As a result of the implementation of each function, some kind of result should be obtained, a product. It is necessary to write as clearly and simply as possible what should be the result. This will form the basis of indicators by which performance assessment will be carried out. On a piece of paper, write a specific product next to each function.

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3. Identify those responsible

Someone must be responsible for the execution of each function and for the result. Employees of your company should understand what exactly they should do and what result to achieve. And you must know with whom to ask for failure to complete tasks.

Therefore, under each function and result, write the name of the person responsible for its implementation.

4. Define indicators for measurement

Mandatory in numbers. For marketing – indicators in the number of applications. If it is finance – in tangible assets. Recruitment efficiency can be measured in the number of interviews and staff who have completed an internship or test period. If sales … well, then everything is clear.

5. Set control

It is important that all reporting is in one place and that you can monitor progress in real time on a particular task, customer, supplier and other markers.

It can be google tables, crm-system or task-manager. The main thing is that you have the opportunity to view the results and reports on the completion of tasks.

Of course, in the text, everything looks much simpler than it actually is. Because you have to spend time and energy talking with employees. And even more time to achieve reporting. But it’s worth it.

When you have step-by-step technology in the company and indicators of measuring the effectiveness of each step, you can track the entire chain and work at the level of business processes, rather than individual tasks.

This is only a small part of the systematization, but with the established control over the implementation of regular tasks, the business owner will breathe a sigh of relief. Now he will understand exactly at what stage the work is, what results have been achieved and what will be done next.

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