How to manage expenses

How to work with foreign suppliers: 8 successful aspects, FineDesignGroup experience
One of the key factors for the success of a store is the product range that the customer likes. If the product is of high quality, the price is affordable,…

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Work on bugs: how can a business get a good product by working with contractors
Inspections of the security service, analysis of contracts and amendments to lawyers suddenly make a ruthless bureaucratic machine out of the procurement department. The initial application undergoes a lot of…

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“Influencing or manipulating?”: How to build relationships with subordinates in a developing company
The task of management in any business is to achieve goals in conditions of limited resources. The manager does not always understand this, often he justifies himself or others by…

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Employees-IP: how to avoid problems with the tax

A business cannot exist only at the expense of its creator and ideological inspirer: the involvement of professionals from the outside is inevitable. But paying the employee a “white” salary, the entrepreneur must also pay personal income tax and insurance premiums to the budget. As a result, many companies force employees to register as IP, offering more favorable conditions. How to hedge the risks that such a scheme generates – we will describe in the article Continue reading

How to include employees in the work after the New Year holidays: 9 receptions

Maria Turcan, co-founder of the “I’m the Head” online school for beginner leaders, shares nine tips on how to get employees on track after a long weekend
The first working day after a long New Year’s holiday. When one employee returned from vacation – nothing yet. When everyone thinks about work around, busy with work, focused on the main thing, to adapt to one thing is a simple matter. Continue reading

5 rules to avoid director criminal liability risks

Rustam Jane, a lawyer in criminal law practice, and Dmitry Lyapin, a lawyer at the Leontyev & Partners Law Firm, share five common examples from their practice when directors of organizations were prosecuted, not initially planning to commit crimes and not understanding the danger of the actions being taken, and explain how to protect yourself from potential risks Continue reading

Risks of transferring employees to individual entrepreneurs and self-employed

We talk about the main risks for an employer company that transfers its employees to self-employed and self-employed, and explain how to protect yourself from possible penalties from the tax authorities
Interaction with an individual entrepreneur on the basis of a civil law nature from a tax point of view for an employer can be significantly more profitable than hiring an employee under an employment contract. Continue reading

“The tail steers a dog”, or Three stories of real business

Svetlana Emelyanova, managing partner of STEP Consulting, shares three stories from business practice that describe the resistance of the company’s employees to useful changes and innovations, and explains how to resist this to the business owner
Case 1:

The owner of the manufacturing company conceived organizational changes. They were needed in order to prepare the company to capture a significant market share. Continue reading

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What to do if the business is stalled?
This very short article proposes the first and main step, which makes sense to take if the business is “stalled” - not growing. What to do if the business is…


How to avoid a cash gap due to winning the tender: a brief case
At the end of July, our company won a tender for the supply of products for one federal research and production center. Under the terms of the contract, an advance…


Three main business trends of 2018: automation, innovation, quality
To develop your business, both here and abroad, you should offer customers a competitive product, which, in turn, cannot be produced without well-established processes for which process management is responsible.…


Moskvich won 9 million rubles thanks to a prophetic dream
The 39-year-old resident of Moscow, Ilya Matveev, saw two lucky numbers in a dream: 8 and 33. They helped him become the winner of the “5 out of 36” lotto.…